Thomas Nordström

Game programmer

About me

My name is Thomas Nordström and I'm a game programmer.

I've always loved games and found an early interest in computers and technology.


I studied Computer Science for a few years at Lund University's Faculty of Engineering (LTH) and I'm currently studying Game Programming at The Game Assembly.


I'm also a Radio Operator in the Swedish Home Guard.


Some of my good points:

  • I always try to be helpful.
  • My group consider me their math expert.
  • I love to solve problems.
  • I make pretty decent progart.
  • I love dogs. Seriously, dogs are the best people.


My goals

I'm looking to work in a company where I can grow as a programmer. I want to be a little fish in a big pond where I have room to grow and learn from all the big fish. Then maybe one day I'll be a big fish too.


I believe I will be a valuable asset to your company, so let's make great games together!